December 2, 2020

Why Scalp Itches and How to Pass It?

Why Hair Scales Itchy and Hair Itching Treatment Methods

Itching, which is one of the frequently encountered problems in daily life, is a condition that negatively affects social life as well as health. Many people are asking the question “why do my scalp itch, what should I do?”

Causes of Itching of the Hair Bottoms

Itching on the scalp can be caused by inadequate hygiene as well as from care products used. Head itching, which occurs due to many reasons, may also be the precursor of many health problems. Depending on this, we can say that; There may be constant itching in the scalp in the face of many conditions from psoriasis to eczema and head lice.

1. Inadequate Hygiene
One of the main causes of itching on the scalp is poor hygiene. Shampoos and similar products used with hygienic attention can also cause itching. Itching may occur if the shampoo or conditioner used remains on the scalp due to insufficient rinsing. In case of improper washing or cleaning of the scalp, itching, dandruff and dandruff problems occur. Therefore, the use of cosmetic products that cause itching and dandruff should be avoided.

2. Infectious Diseases

Another condition that causes itching in the scalp is skin diseases. Diseases that directly affect the skin can cause itching on the scalp. Diseases such as measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, eczema and psoriasis can cause lesions on the face and head. Lesions caused by these diseases are among the causes of itching. In addition, the fungus, which is in the category of infectious diseases, can cause itching in the head area.

3. Stress

It also plays an effective role in the formation of problems such as stress, itching and dandruff, which negatively affect body health . Itching can occur in the scalp in case of distress, sadness, depression and work stress.

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