November 29, 2020

What to Know About Hair Transplantation

Wondering About Hair Transplantation


Hair lossThe serious loss of the hair strands permanently causes the scalp to remain bare or infrequent within a period of time. There are many reasons for hair loss that is more common in men. The most effective of these reasons is the genetic structure. Apart from this, factors such as nutrition, nervous, stress, diseases, seasonal changes, and some cosmetic products are other reasons that trigger hair loss. Apart from the genetic structure, the rate of recovery of hair that is lost due to other reasons is very high without requiring surgical intervention, but if a problem like genetic alopecia such as androgenetic alopecia, surgical solutions provide more permanent results. The clearest solution for hair loss treatments is hair transplantation. The world of science in this regard, He has taken very important steps since the beginning of the 2000s. With the emergence of the FUE method, hair transplantation operations have been moved to a different level and become more preferred.

Success in hair transplant operations is related to the operation of the patient consciously before the operation and especially after the operation.How is Hair Transplantation done in 10 Steps? When you learn the answer to the question, you can make your choices about hair transplantation (center, method, doctor… etc) more conscious, and you can make your decisions about hair transplantation without any stress. By knowing about the hair transplantation process, you can manage this process, which will fit in a period of about 1 year, much better. Learning how to do hair transplantation step by step will enable you to manage your hair transplantation process in a much better way after the decision process, after the operation.

Hair Transplant Operation
Hair transplantation has become one of the most popular health and aesthetic services of recent years. Studies on hair transplantation have a history of nearly 100 years. Hair transplant operations since ancient times were almost unsatisfactory due to repetitive surgery sessions, scars, and long recovery time. Patch pattern was made in all hair transplantation methods used. This patch operation was not preferred because it is far from a natural look and the stitch marks are obvious.

With the developing technology, the scientific world has developed the concept of follicular unit considering all these negative situations. Hair transplant operations have become much more comfortable with the concept of follicular unit found in the late 90s and started to become widespread rapidly.

This development, which started with the FUT method, has started the golden era today, with the FUE method allowing the roots to be taken one by one and offering seamless, trail-free hair transplantation. Along with the possibility of seamless, trackless operation, there has been a significant increase in hair transplantation operations. The basic logic of hair transplantation works as follows; The donor is the transfer of healthy hair follicles from the hair region, which is also designated as a donor, to the area where the hair is shed.


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