November 25, 2020

What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Wedding Dress? Wedding Dress Suitable for Your Body Type

Imagine that you are on a long journey with your lover, your favorite song in the background, flowers in your hand … While radiating blissful eyes, your eyes surround you with love and admiration. Your loved ones, accompany you on your happiest day, all accompany the rhythm of your heart. Yes, now that you are in search of a wedding dress , you are very close to that unique moment that you will feel very special and valuable! You are dedicated to conquering the hearts of your loved ones once again on your wedding night, which makes you smile even with your imagination. The best detail that completes this unique experience will of course be your wedding dress. When you are a smaller girl, you really need your wedding dress that you started to design from white tulle curtains! But which of the dozens of different models is for you?

Wedding Dress Models by Body Type

Woman dreaming of a wedding dressit is almost nonexistent, perhaps not at all! Although the first searches started with tulle and curtains at home at a young age, things are getting serious with the marriage proposal. While there are dozens of topics to be put in place during marriage and wedding preparations, shopping for bridal gowns can also stress you. However, the first rule for a happy marriage should be to take all the steps with your lover with pleasure. You are in a unique experience that you will experience once in your life. You should not allow any wedding shopping, including wedding dresses, to turn into haste, boredom or panic. Do not upset yourself, your future spouse and your mothers. Choosing a wedding dress with recommendations based on your body type will be much easier and more enjoyable. As with any subject, you can make the best decision about bridal gowns by knowing yourself and knowing your pros and cons.

What should not be done in wedding dress selection is to choose a wedding dress because it suits someone else. You should not decide on the stance on the model or catalog. Since every body type is different, the stance of the same wedding dress on different bodies will be completely different. Even if your wedding dress will be tailored for you, you should definitely see a similar model on you. A very beautiful wedding dress in the photo may make you look short, overweight, hipped or faint. However, a wedding dress model that covers flaws and reveals pretentious places will create a miracle effect when combined with hair and make-up on your wedding night.

You should start your wedding dress search by getting to know your body. You should make your choice according to your body type before details such as lace and pearl. It is possible to divide the body types into 4 main titles according to their common features:

1. Apple body type

V-neck wedding dress

As the name suggests, the apple takes its body type name from a belly and waist area. At the same time, the breasts are plump, and the legs are thinner than the body. Apple body type is the body type that V-neck cut suits best. So you can polish your advantage in the chest area. Models that do not wrap the hips and abdomen much should be preferred, but if desired, slender legs can be brought to the fore with a slit model.

2. Pear body type

Princess wedding dress

The chances of women with pear body are slim waist. This body type takes its name from its pear-like shape. The breasts may be small, the waist thin, the hips and hips wide. The region that should be emphasized should definitely be waist, so princess model wedding dresses can be preferred. In this way, the excess in the hips and hips is also camouflaged.

3. Hourglass body type

Body-hugging wedding dress

Body type, called 90-60-90, has an hourglass shape. If you have this body type, you are very lucky, because there is almost no wedding dress model that will not look beautiful on you. Breasts are normal or large, waist is thin. Breasts and breasts are proportional. You can choose assertive models such as fish wedding dresses if you do not have weight problems. You can choose models that surround your body, reveal your waist or hips, and reveal all your claims.

4. Rectangular body type

Strapless wedding dress

The rectangular body is also called by the athletic body or athlete’s body. It is the name given to the situation where the shoulders are wide, the breasts are small or normal, and the waist is without cavity. The body therefore takes the form of a rectangle. The body type that strapless bridal suits best is the rectangular body. As always, it is necessary to highlight the most ambitious part of the body, this time the shoulders. In this way, attention will shift from the chest and waist to the shoulders. Apart from strapless models, models with hanger details on one shoulder can also be preferred.

Apart from the body types examined in four main titles, there may of course be special situations to be considered such as height, weight and regional excesses. For example, if you have a pear body type but are short, you may not feel comfortable in a very fluffy wedding dress. It is known that the princess model wedding dresses are also short in size.

How Should Short Guys Wear Wedding Dresses?

A-cut wedding gown is ideal for short. In this section, the wedding dress becomes slightly abundant after the waist, but a very fluffy image does not occur. You can have a modern look while still catching the desired princess effect with A cut. It is a savior model, as it reveals the body gullies and camouflages excess.

If the body is proportional in itself apart from A-cut among petite wedding dress models , fish models, V-neck and drapes can be preferred. Too long skirt lengths, veils crawling on the ground should be avoided. Strapless models are also suitable for petite types if the neck and chest are not too short. If you want to make a different choice and reveal your style, the latest trend mini wedding gowns are also suitable for you. In this way, you will surprise your guests with your style while looking longer than your leg length. You should definitely get help from high heels according to the size of your future partner. Thus, you will display a more harmonious image in pairs.

How to Choose Overweight Brides Wedding Dresses?

Overweight brides

No matter how ideal your body type is, you may be in trouble with excess weight. The last thing a candidate should do is to bother with details such as height and weight.

The A section, which we refer to as a lifeguard, can also come to the rescue of overweight brides. Models that fly below the chest can be preferred. You should stay away from fluffy models and make light choices as much as possible. Especially if there is an area to be camouflaged, for example, if you do not want to show off your sleeves, wedding dresses with long sleeves with low back can be very good for you.

If your excess is gathered in your abdomen, you can hide your waist while revealing your breasts with V cut. Alternative solutions can also be obtained in choosing a wedding dress. For example, you can get the ideal look you want by using corset.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Dress

Once you have recognized your own body in the best way and determined the areas you want to shine and camouflage on your body, you can now start experimenting. You should definitely see the models that you think are suitable for your body type by making an appointment from the brands and fashion houses that you think reflect you. A friend who you believe will honestly express their opinions can accompany you. Groom candidates are quick to get bored, and mothers may be the right people to shop for the wedding dresses because they suit what you wear. Once you have matured your decision, you can try to take them with you on your second visit.

When you try on a wedding dress, you should make sure that you are wearing the right underwear. For example, your bra should not be too colorful, if possible should be white or tan. Strapless models should also be a model that can be removed from the straps. If you complain about your big breasts, you should reveal how beautiful your wedding dress will look with a gathering bra. Women with small breasts, on the contrary, should try wedding dresses using a supportive bra.

You should not be in a hurry when choosing a wedding dress, you should observe yourself for a while in the model you try. Only in this way can you notice a stony model that is too heavy on you, that you are uncomfortable with the field or an uncomfortable tail that wraps around your feet. If you can get permission from your fashion designer, you can take a photo and think about your choice after returning home.

Fabric details and color shades are the details that should stand out during the trials. Whether you want lace, pearls, drapes, waterway patterns on your fabric or plain models attract you, you have to decide. You may need to choose among the shades of white according to the color of your skin. Different shade wedding dress options such as snow white, champagne or off-white can be considered. You can even reveal a different choice by choosing from models that play pale blues and pinks. In general, you should not be surprised by the shades that will shine on you by contrasting with your skin color.

Regardless of your final decision in choosing a wedding dress, you will surely be the star of the night. After making your choice, you should leave the job to the experts, relax and experience your happiness to the full. The veil, necklace, crown or shoe are the accessories that will suit your wedding dress the most. The most beautiful accessory is your smile! When you are a happy bride who illuminates the night by smiles, you can have an unforgettable night for both you and your guests.

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