January 15, 2021

What Is Hair Loss, Why Does It Happen? What are Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss?

Although hair loss is not a disease, it is a common condition in men and women that can cause serious psychological disturbances in the advanced stages. In general, factors such as genetic predisposition and advanced age cause hair loss. In addition, some temporary diseases are conditions that cause hair loss. Among the temporary diseases, sinusitis, infection, intestinal parasite trigger hair loss , while conditions such as B12, magnesium, zinc and iron deficiency are listed among the conditions that have important effects for hair loss .

Is Hair Loss Harmful?
While experts give information about hair loss; “Hair loss is a condition that should be in terms of hair health. Hair that becomes weak and loses its function is shed and new ones are replaced. However, this situation varies depending on the rate of hair loss. “It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day on average, but if this situation gets higher, then it would be a domestic concern to have hair loss, that is, worries about baldness . ”


While the causes of hair loss can be listed differently, it is evaluated among the methods that can be taken to prevent hair loss , to care for hair care, to wash the scalp at certain intervals and to massage the scalp using some vegetable oils. Another factor that causes hair loss is the hard movements applied while washing the hair. Although these movements are carried out with the purpose of cleaning the hair, it is likely to cause damage to the hair over time, and serious problems such as hair loss may occur in the future as an inevitable situation.

Another factor among the causes of hair loss is the hair care products and cleaning products used. Used shampoo, hair conditioner, hair spray, jelly- like substances, begin to correct damage to the hair and can not selected once again faced with the problem of hair loss in this case.

Why Hair Loss?

Hair loss, which occurs due to many reasons, begins in adolescence. Sometimes it rarely manifests itself and starts to pause after a while, sometimes it can lead to the problem of baldness. This situation develops mostly due to genetic predisposition. Hair loss in women develops for different reasons than hair loss in men. Conditions such as stressful life, imbalance of thyroid hormone, contraceptive use, birth process, breastfeeding process, menopause period are among the causes of hair loss in women. In addition, some methods applied under the name of “hair care” lead to hair loss in women.Perming, blow dry, frequent dyeing, using curling irons, using hair straighteners, jelly, hardening sprays and misused hair care products are also among the conditions that most affect hair loss.

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