November 29, 2020

What are the Methods of Having Bulky Hair?

Hair is the most important part of the appearance. Its bright, plump and voluminous appearance makes its appearance more effective and attractive. Materials used in hair care, hair care products, hair stylers etc. you can make your hair look more beautiful but these are not enough alone or you can make your hair you want with the use of them, but you can not get rid of your hair as it is a temporary solution.

There are many methods that women use to make their hair look fuller and bulky. Hair mask, hair oils, hair care products, cosmetics etc. Of course, we do not say leave all of these aside, leave the harmful ones of these methods aside and act to have more comfortable and healthier voluminous hair. Now you will have healthier and more voluminous hair with the methods you will give. Pleasant readings…

Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day!
Do you know that one of the biggest reasons for hair damage is frequent hair washing? “A! Does that happen? ” I seem to hear what you say. Yes, frequent washing of the hair causes breakage and shedding as it lowers the natural oil level of the hair. According to hair care and beauticians , it is healthier not to wash the hair every day, but to wash it every 2 days. Because the natural oil balance of the hair loses its effect with frequent washing and brings many problems, especially dandruff, breakage and dryness. It also significantly prevents having voluminous hair.

Take Care of Using Natural Oils
Most of the hair care products you get from hair care centers or cosmetics stores contain chemical products, which causes hair to lose its natural beauty over time, even if it makes the hair beautiful in the first time. One of the most recommended and evaluated methods of having bulky hair is to use natural oil. Natural oils(almond oil, nettle oil, Indian Oil, thyme oil) It helps to make the hair look healthier with the mineral and nutritional values ​​they contain and also helps them to look more voluminous.

Take Care of Using Egg Mask
If you complain that your hair does not look bulky, you probably do not fully provide the minerals and vitamins necessary for your hair. Many herbal oils contain nutritional values ​​that nourish and strengthen the hair. However, if you want to have voluminous hair with a more practical method, you can use an egg mask .

2 eggs,
1 tablespoon olive oil,
1 tablespoon of glycerin,
1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
Prepare the ingredients I gave above by mixing them in a suitable container. With the mask you prepared, thoroughly feed from the hair ends to the hair root. After waiting for about 20 minutes in the hair, wash your hair with the help of mild shampoo. If you use it regularly, your hair will have a more voluminous, shiny and strong structure.


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