January 17, 2021

What are Hair Extension Methods? Hair Extension Masks You Can Make At Home

Hair Extension Ways – The Fastest Hair Extension Techniques Together

The biggest secret of hair beauty is that it is long and bushy. But hair extension is not something that can happen immediately. You need to focus on it, properly care for it. Especially women with thin hair should be a little more sensitive about hair care. Because this type of hair is much more difficult to stand lush and long volume. So, what are the fast hair growth methods, what are the hair extension masks you can make at home? You will find the answer to all these questions in this article.

Every person wants their hair to look beautiful and care for it. But sometimes, because of the mistakes that are known correctly, the appearance of the hair can cause it to look bad as well. Not only does hair care actually keep hair lush and natural, however, healthy nutrition is one of the most important issues to be considered.. If you pay attention to your nutrition and care for your hair, you can easily catch the beauty you are looking for in your hair. You can find out why it is important by researching the effects of healthy eating on hair . Now, the information we will offer you, you can act in line with your hair to grow healthy.

Do not Over Process Your Hair!

Hair straighteners are the primary ones that put hair health at risk most. Namely tongs, hair dryer, blow dryer etc. Although we use these tools to straighten or style our hair, these tools seriously damage our hair. According to the research conducted in 7 clinics in the UK, the most effective reason for women applying to the hospital from complaints of hair loss is the hair straighteners used.

Of course, hair straightening tools are devices that we cannot give up for the beauty of our hair. In fact, when used proportionally, the damage done to the hair is less. Old hair straighteners could take a long time to warm up because they are steel-based, but the new generation ceramic-based hair straighteners can reach a temperature of 220 degrees in a short time, and when you apply this heat directly to your hair, you will damage it instead of beautifying your hair. This causes your hair to break and wear out over time.

Make a Natural Mask to Your Hair

It is best to use natural methods to preserve hair beauty and keep it natural.. Materials required for many hair masks are materials that can be found in everyone’s home or are easily available from transmitters. Now, we will help you to move more comfortably about this by giving you information about hair growth masks . Here are the fast hair growth hair masks that you can make at home.

1. Onion Mask

Onion, which is absolutely available in every home, is an antibiotic depot, but it is also an effective vegetable on hair health. Sulfur, which is abundant in onion, affects hair health positively. Well, how about making an onion hair mask?

It is quite easy to make an onion mask , which is among the fast hair growth masks . How Does? Here are the necessary materials, their preparation and use.

Preparation and Application

Grate 4 onions into small pieces by grating.
Add it in 1 liter of water and let it boil for 10 minutes.
After resting the onion juice you prepared for a while, strain the water and wash and rinse your hair with this water after the bath.
2. Egg Mask

One of the masks you can use to extend your hair faster while keeping it healthy is an egg mask. It is also very easy to prepare and use an egg mask . Here is the preparation of the egg mask …

Preparation and Application

Whisk 1 or 2 egg whites, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon honey in a suitable bowl for a consistency.. Then, get this mixture thoroughly from the scalp to the ends of the hair and leave it on your hair for about 25 minutes. Wrapping your hair with a towel after making an egg mask on your hair will show more effect.

3. Apple Vinegar Mask

Apple vinegar , which helps to keep the scalp pH level in balance , is a useful product in many ways. It is an effect that will allow your hair to grow faster thanks to its presence in every home.


Before rinsing your hair, rinse your hair by adding the appropriate amount of apple cider vinegar to the rinse water. Even if you smell a strong vinegar in the first time, you will soon see that this smell disappears.

4. Aloe Vera Mask

Aloe vera, which is found in many hair care products, is a very useful plant for hair. You can catch the beauty you are looking for more easily with the aloe vera mask , which is among the fast hair growth hair masks you can make at home .

Preparation and Application

The aloe vera plant has leaves similar to the swordbush . When you break it, gel comes out. Apply this gel to your hair before going to bed at night and leave it until morning. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo. When you start using it regularly, you will see that your hair will gain volume and grow in a short time.

5. Castor Oil Mask

The castor oil mask , which is used frequently among the fast hair-growing masks and recommended by hair care professionals, is also one of the masks that you can easily prepare. The use of castor oil, which is rich in omega6 and vitamin E, is as follows.

Preparation and Application

Apply 2 tablespoons of castor oil by massaging your hair with your fingers. Continue massaging until you are sure that the scalp and hair ends are well eaten. If you do this application before going to bed in the evening and leave the washing process in the morning, you can add volume to your hair and also make it look shiny.

Note: Before using a hair mask, be sure to find out the main causes of weakness in your hair. Because some hair problems can be caused by different reasons than we have described above. Therefore, it will be more ethical to learn the main source of the problem and find a solution.

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