November 29, 2020

Plants that are good for hair loss – why does hair loss occur and what is it good for?

Hair Loss Causes?

Hair loss, which is one of the common health problems in the society, is one of the common complaints seen in all age groups. Many factors from hair type to age play an effective role in hair loss. In addition to the youth, the problem of hair loss is seen in more than half of the men over the age of 50, while the same problem is encountered in 40% of the women who have reached the age of 70. Hair loss can occur for many reasons. Many factors can trigger hair loss, from genetic predisposition to age and drugs used . Although hair loss is a problem that we encounter in later ages, environmental conditions, stress, hair type , hormonal changes and medications can cause hair loss.

plants that are good for hair loss

Hair loss actually happens in a cycle. Hair roots do not produce the same hair. Some hair follicles are drawn to rest, and the hair held by the hair follicles starts to fall during this rest. If the rest of the hair follicles become active, new hair will be replaced instead. In this case, which proceeds in the form of a loop, it is considered normal to lose 50-100 hairs per day. However, if the hair loss continues abnormally and there is a serious dilution, there is a problem.

Hair loss is a more common problem in men . If hair loss continues for a long time, baldness results can be seen. It is stated that the leading causes of hair loss in men are iron deficiency and genetic predisposition. Zinc deficiency is among the most common causes among women.

What are the plants that are good for hair loss?

The question ” What is good for hair loss ? ” Is the common question of everyone who has hair loss problem. We sought an answer to this question for you and brought together natural methods that eliminate hair loss. Here are the plants that are good for hair loss …

1. Aloe Vera
plants that are good for hair loss

Aloe vera , one of the first plants that come to mind when it comes to hair loss , is very useful against scalp health. Aloe vera, which significantly reduces hair loss due to wear, nourishes the scalp and increases the hair’s durability. Aloe vera traps moisture in the hair and maintains the moisture balance of the hair. Aloe vera not only makes hair look healthier, but also reduces hair loss and allows new hair to grow. You can use hair care products containing aloe vera against hair loss, or you can massage the scalp with aloe vera gel .

2. Rosemary
plants that are good for hair loss

Rosemary , which is very effective in the treatment of hair loss , has been used since ancient times. Rosemary, which has made important contributions to hair health, has a long history in this regard. It protects hair from root to tip thanks to rosemary, antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which stimulate hair roots and make hair grow thicker. In addition to its protective feature, rosemary, which acts as a disinfectant, cleans and purifies the scalp. RosemaryYou can use these features by consuming your tea or use pepper oil. After adding 3-4 drops of rosemary oil to 1 tablespoon of olive oil, apply the mixture obtained by massaging your hair and scalp. Wait one hour after the massage application and wash your hair. In case of regular application, you will notice the effect immediately.

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