November 29, 2020

Is it Harmful to Wash Hair Every Day?

Everyday Hair Wash and Hair Loss

Beauty for women is not only about makeup and skin. Making her hair look alive, well-groomed and shiny is one of the sine qua non of her beautiful and well-groomed adjective by preventing makeup and skin care.

In order to look well-groomed both in business and social life, frequent blow-dry, dyeing your hair and shaping with high temperature devices are actually the main factors that cause hair to wear out. Dirty air during the day, frequent playing with the styling tools and hair causes the hair to be lubricated in a short time.

It is very difficult to look well-groomed and to style these oily hair with the hair that starts to lubricate frequently . For this reason, especially women have to wash their hair almost every day. They wash their hair every day and think that the oils in their hair are cleaned and cleaned. However, the situation is not what they think. Unlike purification and cleaning, the hair washed every day causes the natural oil, which provides nourishment and healthy appearance, to disappear from the bottom of the hair over time.

This natural oil balance that provides nourishment of the hair causes the hair to look more dull, lifeless and unhealthy. At the same time, the deterioration of the natural oil balance in the hair causes the hair to be lubricated more quickly than normal.

What to Consider in Hair Care?
If you have to wash your hair every day, the first thing you should pay attention to is the shampoo you use. The foaming rate does not determine the quality of the shampoo used. Due to its structure and content, the cleaning rate of a less foaming shampoo may be the same as the foaming shampoo. While rinsing the shampoo you apply on your hair, make sure that the water temperature is warm near the cold.

The important thing in shampoo selection is that it has moisturizing feature. Due to the washing of the hair every day, the deterioration of natural oil balance causes your hair to dry. For this reason, it will be more convenient to choose shampoos that contain moisturizer.

If you are satisfied with the shampoo you use and do not like to change the shampoo very often. You can use various hair moisturizers that you can use before, during or after showering. Make sure that the pH value is 5.5 beside the moisturizing feature of the shampoo you use , but the thing that women with curly hair should be aware of when using extra moisturizer; spreading the moisturizer applied to the middle part of the hair by spreading it towards the bottom of the hair. Otherwise, moisturizer applied to the ends of the hair may cause the hair to fade by putting weight on the hair during the day.

Another type of care that is recommended and frequently preferred for damaged hair is hot mask application. Lightly heated olive oil is applied to the scalp by massaging with fingertip. Olive oil, which is then evenly distributed over the scalp, is a stretch for the hair to spread completely and to absorb it thoroughly.filmWith the help of it is hugged and kept until the morning. In the morning, you can wash it with a mild shampoo.

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