December 2, 2020

How to Cut Hair at Home?

We are at home for a long time; we examine ourselves, we want to try small changes. One of them is actually a very skillful haircut. One way or another, the idea of ​​cutting our hair at home is about to settle in one corner of our mind. We have prepared a little guide for you to avoid making mistakes in this bold process. In order not to be confused, to be afraid of your eyes.

What are the necessary materials when cutting hair at home?
A large piece of fabric (to prevent the cut hair from spreading)
Spray water
Important note: You cannot cut hair with kitchen or fabric scissors! You should definitely have a hairdressing scissors in your hand.

Are you in the bathroom? Beautiful. Cut your hair in the bathroom. Note that you should have a mirror in front of you. Seeing your hair cut in other parts of the house can upset your nerves. Also, even if you are in the bathroom, it would not be possible to cut on that big piece of cloth.

Have you decided what kind of cut you want? If your answer is “No.”, we remind you that you have to decide on your haircut according to the way you load it. If you have a square or round face shape, it is flat; If you have a triangular and long face, we suggest you decide on folded cut.

No, remember the pixie model or a fleeting bob for now. Let’s not be so dramatic, please …

Wet your hair. If you wish, in the shower or with spray water. This provides a more controlled cutting process as it brides the flying hair.

Comb your wet hair. It is very important that they are in order before cutting the hair. During this process, you can use a toothed comb for a smooth finish.

Now start cutting from the back of the hair forward. It doesn’t matter if it’s straight or folded. Note that you need to use straight scissors in straight cuts and fold scissors in folded cuts.

In straight haircut, you need to be extra careful and patient to make the hair equal and symmetrical.

You do not need to stretch as much as in straight cut in fold cut. Of course, be careful, but keep in mind that you do not have to symmetrically cut.

Do not overdo it when cutting, always cut one finger longer than the shortness you want.

After cutting your hair, take a shower quickly and get rid of both cut hair and stress.

Dry your hair and check if you cut it evenly.

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