January 15, 2021

How to Choose a Wedding Dress by Body Type?

When choosing your wedding dress , you should pay attention to whether it is suitable for your body type . In order to make this choice correctly, you must first learn which of the pear, apple, hourglass, rectangular body types you have. You can get help from your wedding dresser and a friend you trust in this regard.

If you are a candidate bride with pear body type, you should head to fluffy wedding dress models such as A model wedding dress or princess model wedding dress that will camouflage your wide hips and emphasize your thin waist . It should also be noted that half fish wedding dress models skillfully camouflage the basins. Let’s add that we recommend high-heeled shoes to petite bride candidates who will wear princess cut wedding dresses.

Candidates in apple body type can choose bridal gowns where they can emphasize their slim long legs and plump breasts. For example, candidates in this body type can easily try models with V-neck wedding dresses decorated with lace details and leg slits. In addition, straight-cut wedding dresses , which we can define as A-cut and plain wedding dresses , are among the models that will suit candidates of this body type.

If your body type resembles an hourglass , if your height is not short, we can easily say that you are in the luckiest group. Because you can wear the model you want with a proportional body structure, even narrow cut wedding dresses … You can choose fish wedding dress models where you can display your body curves elegantly .

If you have an athletic or also rectangular body type in which the shoulder, chest, waist and hip sizes are close to each other, the most suitable wedding dresses are skirt-cut straight wedding dresses. Also, strapless bridal dresses and halter wedding gowns where you can reveal the beauty of your shoulders, and two-piece wedding gowns that can create a little illusion that you have a waistline should be among your choices. Bridesmaid dresses with shoulder details are designs with very nice details that you can emphasize on your elegant shoulders.

Let’s not go without mentioning bridal dresses for overweight people. Candidates with weight problems can also find models that suit them. You can try the ones that are suitable for your body size and style among the big size bridal dresses . Winter brides or those who want to hide excess weight on their arms and shoulders can also go for long-sleeved wedding dresses .


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