January 17, 2021

How to Care Hair? The Most Effective Hair Care Tips

Why is Hair Care Important?

Some women have their hair cut short, but some women never give up long hair. Whether short hair or long hair doesn’t matter, women want their hair to be well-groomed, shiny and beautiful. Hair usually grows between 0.5 cm and 2.5 cm per month. The growth stage varies with the hair and scalp structure of the person . It plays a role in hair growth in genetic structure and external factors.

Healthy Hair Top Tips

Regular nutrition also has a great effect on hair. Vitamin deficiency experienced as a result of malnutrition affects the body as well as hair growth . As a result of excessive dyeing, the rate of growth decreases in the hair that is neglected and worn . There is no instant hair growth effect with hair care or a cure. Periodic treatments and cures affect the hair growth. Treatments and cures provide health and vitamins to hair . In this way, it provides effect on hair growth in certain proportions. It is necessary to keep the hair and scalp clean constantly. Products that prevent oil formation should be used in hair with oil formation.

1. Use Hair Care Creams
The most effective tips in hair care

If someone you have long hair, use hair conditioner a necessity because necessity is the case. While using natural products in the past, chemicals applied to hair today cause great damage to the hair. In addition, the fact that the waters are rich in chlorine and lime made it necessary to use a conditioner. Using a conditioner after every shower is used for easy combing of hair, easy styling, eliminating hair fractures . The conditioner is applied as a final treatment after shampooing the hair in the shower. After the hair is thoroughly washed and cleaned, finally the conditioner is applied to the hair and massage is applied by applying pressure on the scalp. Since we will use the conditioner most, it is sufficient to apply it to the hair once.

2. Use Hair Care Oils
The most effective tips in hair care

One of the most important oils in hair care is olive oil. It nourishes and moisturizes the scalp with vitamins contained in olive oil , which is a complete hair friend . It is a very good moisturizer especially for those who complain about dryness. Olive oil, which is effective against dandruff, also makes tomato paste look brighter. One of the best oils for hair is coconut oil . It lengthens the hair, gives shine to the hair, traps moisture to the hair, prevents protein from forming by creating protein in the hair . Jojoba oil is molecularly similar to the sebum substance secreted by the hair lesson, namely natural oil varieties. Containing vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6 , vitamin E is the most Rich in jojoba oil, it completely wraps your hair with its protective properties. Thanks to vitamin E, it also shows regenerative properties. It also has a very nice and refreshing scent. Argan oil, which has nourishing and repairing properties, makes hair grow faster and easier. It ensures that the dye lasts longer in people who use hair dye. It gives flexibility to the hair and prevents falling out. It prevents the formation of dandruff . Repairs damaged hair. It nourishes the hair and makes it easy to grow.

3. Care must be taken to choose the Shampoo
The most effective tips in hair care

The way to healthy hair also goes through products with healthy content. Care products with natural ingredients provide protection for your hair without coming into contact with chemicals. Content of ammonium lauryl sulfate , sodium laureth sulfate , paraben and polyethelyne Glycol to dry your hair like and we advise you to stay away from shampoo will cause wear over time.

4. Attention should be paid to the water temperature
The most effective tips in hair care

The fact that the water is very hot while taking a shower again damages both the hair roots and the hair ends. If you have problem hair, even the temperature of the water you consume during the shower is very important. You should pay attention to this issue by considering it in hair care. Remember that washing your hair with warm water prevents hair breakage and fractures.

5. Pay attention to blow dryers and shapers!
The most effective tips in hair care

The blow dryer and styling tools we use to shape our hair can cause breakage , breakage and burns as they come into contact with our hair at high temperatures . Be careful to use all kinds of devices for shaping by working at high temperature. Distribute heat to your hair from a distance while using blow dryer. When using hair styling tools, always use care serum or oils to protect your hair .

6. Try Not to Wash Your Hair Every Day
The most effective tips in hair care

Washing your hair every day can disrupt the structural feature of your hair and make it look dull and unhealthy . Also, the more often you wash your hair, the hair adapts to this tempo and the sooner it gets dirty and oiled. Greasing the hair means increasing the fluid secreted by the hair for self-protection. When you remove this protective factor each time, the hair will be dehydrated and wear more. Dandruff , oily and hair loss can be seen in the hair that is washed a lot .

7. Protect Your Hair’s Moisture
The most effective tips in hair care

During the day, hair faces many environmental factors. The entire mask of cigarette smoke , dirty weather and daily stress from living in the metropolitan affects how our hair looks as much as our face. When all these factors come together, our hair loses moisture and starts to look lifeless . For this, use oils and creams that will add intense moisture to your hair after shower and / or during the day. In addition to hair conditioners with moisturizing feature in the shower , choose care creams that you can apply during the day.

8. Take Care Of Your Nutrition
The most effective tips in hair care

In addition to vegetables and greens that contain shades of green and red, the rich nutritional habits you will achieve with healthy oils such as Omega 3 will ensure that your hair has natural luster and vitality. Remember that what you eat always affects your appearance. The protein you will obtain from vegetables and legumes is the golden rule for your hair to be healthy inside and out.

9. Protect Your Hair Against Weather Conditions
The most effective tips in hair care

We always forget that we leave our hair vulnerable to weather conditions. We know that the sun dry their hair roots, but also wind and rain to keep our hair moisture causes and thus the hair starts to frizz easily.How to Care Hair? The Most Effective Hair Care Tips

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