January 27, 2021

How to Avoid Hair Fractures? What To Do To Prevent Hair Wrinkles

Why Are Hair Fractures Occurring And How Are They Prevented?

Hair fractures are one of the biggest problems for women and women who want to find a solution in this regard benefit from shared information about what to do for hair fractures. However, it is useful to say this from the beginning; Since the reasons for the occurrence of hair fractures may differ from each other, it will be better to act by learning why your hair fractures occur before the methods to be tried.

There may be different factors that cause hair breakage, and it is enough to talk about the 4 causes that cause the most. So, what are the factors that cause hair breakage?

Frequent repetition of processes such as dye and perm
Intensive use of hair dryer, blow dryer, curling iron, hair straighteners
Combing the hair very firmly and continuously in the same model
Picking up hair with rubber and using products that are not suitable for hair is one of the most common conditions that cause hair breaks.
The four items listed above are among the most common causes of hair breakage. We, women, do not hesitate to take action because we care about hair beauty. Especially if there is a new color to the fashion world, if there is a hair-making hairstyle in the fashion world, we do not even need to think about applying it. But all this causes fractures in our hair.

How to Prevent Hair Fractures?

The most effective way to prevent hair fractures is to remember that the hair is delicate and act accordingly. For example, many methods such as giving up the tight attachment of the hair, avoiding continuous exposure or dyeing operations, not using hair straightening tools and styling products frequently, and connecting the hair using materials that will not damage the hair instead of hair rubbers, will be effective in preventing the problem you are experiencing. .

5 Most Effective Methods to Prevent Hair Fractures

We give priority to our hair to look beautiful, to look natural and to be attractive at the same time. A cool model, a style haircut and of course, to choose the most beautiful among the most trendy hair colors of the season… Applying them to look beautiful, of course, may be enough in one place, but taking into account the damage they cause to our hair over time and act accordingly. is also important. The suggestions we will now offer you will be useful and effective solution methods to prevent hair fractures .

1. Apply Natural Oil to Your Hair

I guess, buying expensive products and not being able to prevent damage to the hair are among the most bad situations. Hair care products are generally high-priced products, and even though the ingredients are said to be completely herbal, unfortunately even the preservative is included in hair care products alone. This is one of the factors that cause hair damage.

Using natural and herbal hair care oils such as coconut, jojoba or argan oil instead of preventing the fractures by using ready-made hair care products will be more accurate in order to prevent high costs and to give your hair the value it deserves.

2. Get Your Hairs Cut Every Three Months

There are also natural factors causing hair fractures. For example, hair extension can be among these reasons. If you love long hair, this may be a pity for you, probably what we will say. But you also need to apply it to prevent hair fractures.

One of the most effective methods of preventing hair fractures is to cut the hair ends every 3 months. Although this method is not preferred by women most of the time, it is effective to apply this according to experts and to prevent fractures.

3. Pay Attention to Shampoo Selection

Shampoos as well as hair care products are products that damage hair. In fact, whether this damage occurs or not is also in our own hands. For example, if you are using chemical shampoo, you cannot expect your hair to remain natural and healthy.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a shampoo is to choose a natural and herbal shampoo.

4. Hair Mask Should Be Applied To Dry Hair

We women want to be beautiful and we don’t want to take time to be beautiful. Hair beauty is especially important to us. We like to give a new shape by crossing the mirror every morning, but unfortunately we refrain from applying the same sensitivity while maintaining.

According to experts, hair mask should be applied to dry hair. But it is generally recommended to apply on damp hair on ready-made masks. This is actually a result of women rushing the business. Product manufacturers make it easier for their customers to purchase their products, but to tell the truth, the hair mask should be applied to dry hair.

5. Choose the Right Comb for Your Hair

One of the situations that we often ignore or ignore is not choosing the right comb. Expecting a lot from an ordinary comb is actually the biggest handicap. Because the combs that are not chosen correctly are the most common conditions that cause hair breakage.

It is necessary to use silicone and wide-toothed combs instead of plastic combs to make your hair look beautiful and prevent them from breaking .

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