January 24, 2021

Haircut Suitable for Face Shape – The Most Ideal Haircut Models According to Your Face Shape

Hairstyles by Face Shapes

A model that we sometimes see and like in others does not look good on us because it is because our face structure is not suitable for that model. So, first of all, you need to know if the model you want to cut fit on your face. So, which models can be preferred for facial features that determine the haircut of people?

Here, in this article, as the editors of Neoldu.com, we have brought together the most beautiful hairstyles suitable for the face shape for our readers who think about a different haircut but have no idea what to do. You can choose the most suitable haircut model according to which face shapes you have on our list.

1. Round Face
Asymmetrical cuts are cut out for people with a round face. It is also suitable for people with long hair or bangs with a round face . We can say that everything suits those who have a round face.

2. Oval Face


People who are even more fortunate by the round face are those with an oval face because almost every hair goes to this face . Especially centered hair that does not go to every face type is quite suitable for oval face. They can use the hair both left and right.

3. Square Face
The face that long hair suits best is square face shape. With a small game, you can wave your hair and show your face more roundly. It is the square face shape to the most suitable face shape among male hairstyles . Men with a square face shape should feel lucky because they are quite handsome and attractive when they have short hair .

4. Heart-Shaped Face
When we say heart face shape, we usually think of a chin but what matters is the forehead. U for your forehead is open fake a fraudulently bangs forehead when you use will appear narrow. In men, if the beard is left a little long on the chin, the pointed look of the face disappears. Light mustache and stubble can be left.

5. Triangular Face

People who have a triangular face have a hard time with haircuts . But people who have a triangular face are a bit more fortunate than others, and people who have a triangular face that can adapt to most hairstyles often prefer long hair and wavy . On the contrary, for men’s hairstyles , on the contrary, the short sides and the long tops make the person better than it is.

6. Long Face

People with a long facial structure are generally beautiful or handsome. It can fit any type of hair style . Any hairstyle she likes suits her and makes her attractive . We can say that the person can change his hairstyle with peace of mind . Men with a long face can leave a beard and prevent the face from being long and thin . For the ladies , they can fix this with a few makeup moves. Of course, this is up to your creativity.


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