January 24, 2021

Hair Loss Causes – Hair Loss Causes and Methods of Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur due to genetic factors, as well as conditions such as the living conditions of the region, nutritional habits and lack of vitamins and minerals. Hair loss in men mostly results from genetic predisposition and in women, it can occur for different reasons. Factors such as irregular nutrition, rapid weight loss, menopause, birth control pills and various medications, living under intense stress are explained as the biggest causes of hair loss.

Genetic features, responsibilities of social life, intense work stress, malnutrition, hair care products used, and hair straightening tools and spray and jelly have a significant impact on hair loss. Hair loss, whose causes can change both individuals and socially, can give positive results when treated early. But if the reason for the shedding (in men) is genetic, there is not much left to do in this case. As a last resort, hair transplantation is considered to be the most powerful method for re-growing hair. Thanks to the fact that today’s hair transplantation technology is highly developed, people can regain their lost hair in a short time.

What is Hair Loss?
Hair loss

Each healthy individual has an average of 100 thousand hairs and these hair strands have the ability to renew themselves. An average of 100-150 hairs per day are shed in every man, and this can continue for 2 months throughout the year. Seasonal variations have an important effect on hair loss and regeneration. This is not really a problem or something to be stuck in, because some parts of the human body are able to regenerate itself, and hair is part of the body’s self-renewable parts. The main danger is the length of the hair loss period. In other words, if it spreads to a period exceeding 2 months, intervention is required.

There are many factors that affect hair loss. As we mentioned above, some of these factors develop spontaneously, while others arise from some malpractice done by man. Factors such as the deterioration of the natural moisture balance of the hair and the lack of vitamins and minerals can be evaluated among the things that people do with their own hands. These conditions are generally considered to be hair problems that are used incorrectly , curling irons, hair straighteners, malnutrition, not getting enough vitamins, some medicines used in women, and treatments that have chemotherapy or similar hair loss properties in general, are the problems that lead to hair loss. it is.

Hair Loss Causes?
The causes of hair loss in women and men are different. This condition, which is called “Androgenetic Alopecia” in the medical language , is also called “male pattern hair loss” . Hair does not become very noticeable when it starts to fall out in the first period. The hair, which begins to regress from the forehead line, begins to manifest itself by shedding even further, without spilling, to the back. In women, it manifests itself as regional dilution.

Hormonal and nutritional factors, too much exposure to chemicals , frequent procedures such as hair dye, röfle, perm , weaken the hair over time and the hair loss situation starts to manifest when measures are not taken. According to experts, these situations, which are excluded from genetic factors, warn that due attention should be paid to hair care, as they are problems that people produce with their own hands.

Experts who make explanations about hair loss; “Hair loss of 50-150 per day is considered normal in individuals. But watching carefully while taking a bath and seeing the number of these hair strands is considered to be the harbinger of baldness. Hair loss can be stopped with some early treatment methods. Unfortunately, in the event of a spill caused by genetic factors, unfortunately, any medication or herbal hair care oils won’t work. In these cases, it is ensured that people regain their hair with the hair transplant method, which is generally accepted as a last resort. ”

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