January 17, 2021

Hair Extending Plants – Hair Extending Plant Recommendations and Application in the Shortest Period

The Most Useful Plants to Accelerate Hair Growth

One of the most important issues in the field of personal care is hair health . Healthy and well-groomed hair is always essential. One of the most important complements of the concept of beauty is hair. However, various hair stylers and cosmetics that we use frequently in daily life can cause hair to wear out and fall out over time.

Hair grows approximately 0.5 – 2 cm in a month. In this process, you can grow faster by eating healthy and caring for your hair. However, not everyone’s hair may grow at the same speed. In this case, we can say that many factors play a role from hair to nutrition.

The main factor affecting the hair growth rate is the form of nutrition. By avoiding harmful additives such as sugar and artificial sweeteners, you can ensure that your hair is healthy as you eat with a diet based on vegetables and fruits . You should also consume plenty of water and avoid caffeinated beverages.

In addition to nutrition, we can say that another factor affecting hair growth rate is stress . As in all areas of health, stress affects hair health negatively, as it affects hormone balance in the body, it affects hair and skin health. Also, if you want your hair to grow healthy , you should stay away from cosmetic products such as jelly, spray and mousse .

Hair Extending Plants

Fast Hair Extending Plants

You can use various plants to make your hair grow faster and look more well-groomed. In this way, you can keep your hair looking healthier and better by avoiding chemical products. Especially people who have sensitive scalp can get more effective results thanks to these natural methods compared to chemical products.

We have come to the most important place in hair-growing plants. Which plants affect hair growth? Here are plants used in hair growth and recommended by many cuts …

1. Daisy

Chamomile, which is found in many hair care products, is one of the plants that accelerate hair growth. Making a significant contribution to hair health, chamomile protects the scalp against infections and ensures a healthy hair growth.. Problems such as dryness, dandruff and itching cause hair loss and prevent hair growth in a healthy way.

Chamomile eliminates such problems and prevents hair damage. By pouring chamomile tea into your hair after shower, you can purify your scalp. You can also see your hair gain shine and shine. Another method is chamomile oil. You can apply chamomile oil by massaging your hair normally, by massaging your scalp. Massage the oil into your scalp and then rinse it off.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary, which makes important contributions to hair health, is one of the most preferred plants in hair care. Rosemary, which is included in many hair care products, strengthens hair and helps it grow healthily. You can also take advantage of these features by adding rosemary, which stimulates hair follicles, to your meals.

In addition to using rosemary in meals, you can prepare hair care cures with various methods. Boil some rosemary leaves in water and then let them cool. After cooling, strain the leaves and wash your hair with the water you get. However, we recommend that people with sensitive skin structure first test a small part of their skin.

3. Cassia Grass

The cassia herb, which has an antibacterial property, cleanses and breathes the scalp. Thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains, cassia herb, which helps the hair roots to revive, nourishes the hair and helps it grow healthily. However, if you do not want your hair color to lighten, we do not recommend using cassia herb. Cinnamon grass, which is known to lighten the hair color by one or two shades, causes a change in hair color accordingly.

Put 1 pinch of cassia herb in a cup of water and boil it. After the water boils, remove it from the stove and let it warm. After warm, strain and crush 1 Bemiks ampoule into it. Finally, after adding 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil, mix well and apply the cure you have obtained by massaging your scalp. After waiting for about 30 minutes, wash with shampoo.

4. Intellectual Grass
The herb, which we rarely find its name, is a very effective plant in hair extension. Thanks to its vitamin B content, the herb, which helps hair grow healthily, stimulates the hair follicles and stimulates the growth of hair.

Boil 10 g of entele herb with some water and strain. Leave to warm after filtering. Then break 2 small bottles of almond oil and 3 Bepanthen ampoules inside. After thoroughly mixing, apply the mixture obtained by massaging your hair. You can wash it after waiting for 15 minutes.

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