January 18, 2021

Care for Painted Hair – How to Care for Painted Hair at Home?

What to Know About Dyed Hair Care

Usually, the hair gets lighter before dyeing. This process, as is known, is a process that wears the hair. Therefore, some repairing processes should be applied to the damaged hair and some issues should be taken into consideration. The first thing you need to do is to choose a suitable shampoo because you now have dyed hair. Using not only shampoo, but also repair masks and serums will be beneficial in terms of both the appearance and health of your hair .

Care for Painted Hair

In addition to repairing and maintaining the hair, you should now make an effort to keep the dye in your hair longer. The hair dye does not flow quickly means that your hair is re-painted as long as possible. This is directly related to the health of the hair . Hair that is dyed immediately will wear out much faster. Come, what should be done so that the dye of the hair does not flow quickly, let’s look at them.

What Should Be Done To Avoid Hair Dye?
Care for Painted Hair

It is very important that there is no ammonia in the conditioner you use .
You can use a color protective conditioner .
You should not wash your hair too much. Washing hair daily is not recommended for dyed hair. You can make the dye more permanent by washing the hair up to 3 times . If this is not enough for you, you can use dry shampoo.
Do not use hot water when washing your hair . If you wash your hair with warm or cold water, you can make the color of the hair more permanent.
You don’t have to shampoo the hair with every wash. You can just cream it, so you soften the hair.
If the shampoo and cream used have the same properties , you will increase the effect.
You can also apply care oil and mask on your hair .
Keep your hair as far away as possible from hairdryers and curlers . If you can not do without them, you can use heat protective creams .
Vitamins B and C are extremely important for the health of the hair and scalp . You can apply these vitamins to your hair or take care to take these vitamins in your diet. At the same time , eating healthy foods such as fish and walnuts will have a positive effect on your hair.
The less sun your hair is in , the better. You can use creams to protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun while going out to the sun.
If you have dyed your hair at a time when you enter the pool, you should use a protective cream against the chlorinated water of the pool .
It is always better to dye your hair after 1 month or 6 weeks.
There should be no sulfate in your shampoo . This is important so that your hair does not lose its color and moisture .
Clean the hair fractures occasionally. Otherwise, your efforts will be wasted.
Be careful not to make tight ponytail and bun , your hair may fall out.
How Should Color Hair Care Be?
Care for Painted Hair

Hair dye made prior to maintenance , a permanent hair color will provide. Moisturizing and protein treatments may cause the color to fade if the same day care is done after painting . If maintenance is to be done immediately after painting, color protecting and color stabilizing treatments should be done. Especially in red paints, home care is very important. Color shampoo should be used. It will be better if the creams for dyed hair are used together with the red color supporting shampoos . With this care, if the color is still on the hair, the paint applied at the hairdressers can be done. Paint treatments made with non-ammonia paintsprovides permanence and shine . If there is dye in the hair, a shampoo and mask that will load protein into the hair are recommended. Color shampoos or masks should be used if the hair is red, copper, etc. So, what should be done to the hair that has been worn out often?

When you go into the shower only when you want to wash your body, do not get your hair wet. Wear bones or knobs to protect them from getting wet .
Sometimes you can bypass the shampoo and use direct conditioner . So your hair will remain soft and moist. The shampoo gets more hair color than the cream.
By using a good shampoo, you maintain your hair color for a long time and support the health of your chemically treated hair .
You can protect your hair color with special care creams that are not rinsed . Both of these give health by hair care.
Do not surrender your hair from paint to paint. Make care and masks at home .
Use your hair conditioner or straightener with heat protectant before exposing your hair to the curling iron . These prevent high temperature from damaging the hair.
Apply your care oil to your hair and wrap it in a heated towel. This is a very effective care that traps moisture in the hair. Then you can wash your hair with cold water.
In the summer, use hair care products with SPF that will protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun .
Dyeing the hair often harms them. The ideal is to dye every 6 weeks.
Perms cause a lot of damage to the hair because it contains a lot of chemicals. Do not do it if possible.
Do not jail your hair in very tight buns and ponytails. It causes hair loss because the hair becomes stuffy.
Try to use co-creamy cream with your shampoo so that you can strengthen its effect. For example, if it is a color protecting shampoo, the cream should also be a color protector. If you use a nourishing shampoo, the conditioner should be so.
Sulfate shampoos contain salt and cause loss of color and moisture . Use sulfate-free shampoo.
Use dry shampoos if your hair gets greasy, if you feel less than 2 or 3 times a week. These products absorb the oil in the hair and make your hair look clean. Tilt your head forward and apply a dry shampoo spray to the hair follicles.
Ammonia-free conditioner protects the color of your hair for a long time. You can also choose a conditioner according to your color.


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