January 17, 2021

9 easy methods to combat dry hair

9 natural ways to combat dry hair

In keeping your hair healthy keep it without feeding, hair care products Various factors play a big role. For shiny and well-groomed hairWe recommend that you follow the suggestions we have reported to meet . Here are 9 ways to get gorgeous hair without the need for expensive products with very simple methods !


1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Very Often!
A lot of people frequent washing of your hairis making the mistake . Washing the hair every day dries them, disrupts the natural oil balance and causes wear.


2. Use Less Shampoo
We all know that hair shampoosIt contains many chemicals . Using too much shampoo is among the factors that dry the hair and remove its vitality . Let your hair dry naturally.Hair dryersit dries the hair, dehumidifies and causes bifurcation in the hair . For this reason, avoid hair dryers and hair stylers as much as possible.


3. Avoid Hair Styling Devices
Hair straightenerand styling tools are among the most popular hair care products lately . However, these devices destroy the structure of the hair after a while and cause great damage to them. If you want to make hair styling without my hands and feet, our suggestion is to research and buy steamy ones or the latest products that harm the hair the least .

4. Pay Attention to Hair Dye
Hair dyes, hair bleaches, chemical straighteners, perms , all of these are hair-drying causes. Once your hair has been damaged , it is very difficult to restore this hair to its former health. Our suggestion to you is to try natural alternatives of such applications . For example, your hairnatural hair dyes You can paint with.


5. Make and Apply Your Hair Mask at Home
This mask it will moisturize your hair and add shine. Wet your hair and spread the mask we have reported on, let it sit for 5 minutes, then wash and rinse with water.

Ingredients One
egg whipped with fork
One tablespoon honey
One tablespoon aloe vera gel
Two tablespoons yogurt

6. Take Care Of Your Nutrition
Your diet is directly related to your hair health.Your vitamin deficiencyis reflected on your first hair. Consume a lot of the food we have reported for your hair to maintain its moisture balance and not dry out, shine brightly . Protein-containing foods such as lean meats, beans and milk,Omega 3rich in fatty acids , salmon, sardines,flax seed and consuming walnutsit will remove the dryness of your hair. Found in meats and other animal productsB vitaminswill also prevent your hair from getting dry. ifvegetarianIf you are, we recommend that you consult your doctor and take a vitamin supplement, as you will not be getting enough nutrients you need .


7. Use Coconut Oil Instead of Conditioner
Coconut oilis one of the best methods for weak and dry hair . This oil provides many vitamins and minerals to your hair . If your hair starts to look dry, you can apply coconut oil once a week. If your hair is too dry or damaged, stop using the conditioner for a few days . Instead, use coconut oil.


8. Evaluate the Benefits of Honey
If you have dry, damaged and dull hair , honeyThere is no better way to repair using. Damaged hair needs to be cured with important nutrients. In this way, it can regain its luster and silky texture . Honey can do this wonderfully. If you want more power than your natural shampoo, you can use this natural treatment.

9. Apply Avocado Mask
Avocadois one of the best options for nourishing dry hair . This fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids . For this reason, it helps your hair look brighter, healthy and maintain the water balance.

How is it prepared?

Grind the avocado in a bowl with a spoon. To make the process easier, we recommend using a ripe avocado.
Add olive oil and mix well.
When it comes to a soft cream consistency, apply it on your hair with a gentle massage. If you have very long hair, you can use a comb to help you.
Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Then wash as you always do.

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