January 15, 2021

30 Braided Hairstyles You Can Easily Apply

Knitting models, which are popular and simple to apply, come to the rescue of women who pay attention to their appearance even in their busy days. It is possible to look different and cool with braided hairstyles that suit every age group.

Braided Bun Models
1. Romantic bun
romantic bun

Thanks to this model, you can look innocent and natural. You can complement your style by using this braid, complementing elegant women, with your low collar clothes.

Knit both sides of your hair with triple weave.
Bring together the hair you knit at neck level.
Turn your hair on the right side to the left side and your hair on the left side to the right side to make it into a bun.
2. Knitting Knob
knit bun

This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, engagements and promises.

Collect your hair from the top.
Wear a donut buckle.
Knit around.
** If you want to make a bun without knitting your hair, you can check the list of the most modern bun models: 30 Most Modern Bun Hairstyles: Straight, Messy, Plain


Bulk Hair Weave Models
1. The milkmaid model

You don’t need to have your hair done at the hairdresser before going to special events. Thanks to this model, you can create a hairdresser touch on your hair.

After combing your hair properly, cut it in half.
Knit your right side with plain triple knit and the left side with reverse triple knit.
Bring your hair together at the top of your head.
Secure with a wire buckle.
2. Binary knitting
double weave

Complementing this hairstyle, which suits well with sportswear and turtlenecks, with ring earrings, you can attract glances to your beauty.

Cut your hair in half.
Start knitting by throwing it backwards.
As you weave the braid, just like in herringbone, keep on moving by knitting and adding hair every time.
Braid the hair on both sides.
3. Dutch weave
dutch weave

You can keep up with both serious environments and normal days with Dutch knitting, which is very fashionable especially in recent days. This knitting, which is one of the trending models of the season, is compatible with every outfit, and it is as interesting as any one will see.

After combing your hair, separate a pinch of hair from the top and start knitting your hair.
The Dutch weave is just like the triple flat weave. However, the only difference here is that the hair taken from the front while doing the triple weave should be taken from the back in the Dutch braid.
After you have braided all your hair, put a buckle on the tip.
You can get a shabby and fuller look by opening your hair with your fingers.
4. Crown on ponytail
ponytail crown

This model will suit women with long hair who love bulk hair, but also can not give up braiding.

Separate a pinch of hair from the front of your hair.
Tie your back in the form of a ponytail.
Knit your hair on the front in the form of a crown with a purl.
5. One-sided weaveOne side braid
It is possible to get a pretty sexy look with this easy and stylish model.

Separate your hair from the side.
Leave a lot of hair on one side and little hair on one side.
Knit the rest of the hair twice with a triple braid.
6. Corn braid
corn braid

This hairstyle, which is one of the easy braided hairstyles, will reveal your facial beauty.

Gather your hair in ponytail.
Knit the end of your hair with a braid.
Short Hair Weave Models
1. Multiple knitting
multiple weave

This model that will reveal the beauty of the face; It is especially suitable for young, dynamic and sporty women.

Knit 12-15 small little hairs from top to back.
Leave the parts that you knit in the middle without coming to the very end.
If your hair length is enough, make a knit bun back.
If not, fasten it with the help of a buckle.
2. Front braid
front braid

You can make a difference in your short hair with a small braid.

Knit with herringbone braid on the front of your hair.
3. Elegant knitting
elegant knitting

Thanks to this model, you can draw attention in any environment with your elegant and simple image.

Take two small tufts from the top of your hair.
Knit two times in total, 4 times in reverse braid.
Make the lower parts small buns.
4. Dutch braid on light hair
open hair weave

You can look sporty with this model, which is the choice of those who want to create an unusual and stylish look on their open hair.

Separate your hair from both sides.
Make the middle part in the Dutch weave, fasten it with a buckle.
5. Binary braid
double weave

You can keep up with fashion with this model, which is very suitable for those who want to style their hair simply and easily.

Knit double braids by taking hair from the front of your hair.
Fasten it with wire buckle at the back.
** If you want to grow your short hair quickly: 20 Methods You Can Easily Apply to Grow Hair Faster


Children’s Hair Weave Models
1. Three weaves
three weaves

This hair weave, which can be applied easily, is exactly the kind that children will love.

Divide your child’s hair into three parts: top, middle and nape.
Knit each section in triple. Attach buckle.
Twist the braids you make by turning them into a bun shape.
2. One-sided weave
side weave

Hair woven on one side reveals the facial beauty of children. This model looks better on girls with long hair.

Comb your child’s hair to one side.
Knit herringbone knitting on the side you combed.
3. Herringbone weave

It is possible to use the herringbone knitting model, which we have made for our grandmothers from a young age, but which is never out of date, both in daily life and in school life.

Comb your child’s hair by spraying it.
Take a pinch of hair at eye level with the top of your head and divide it into three equal parts.
Knit twice with a flat knit.
Continue to knit, taking little by the edges each time.
When knitting is finished, attach a rubber buckle to the end.
It would be nice to wear ribbons on the top for students.
4. Ponytail weave
knit tail

You can easily apply this model to your children who want to look neat on their way to school.

Tie your child’s hair properly to a ponytail.
Knit a triple braid by taking a small amount of hair from the part you tie.
Wrap your braid around the buckle.
5. Multiple knitting
multiple weave

If you make this model that will add sweetness to your cute child while going to school, it will not disturb your hair all day long.

Separate your child’s hair into five.
Attach buckle to each section.
Divide each section you wear the buckle into two.
Knit three times twice.
After doing the same operation on all hair, collect the back part and wear a ribbon.
6. Heart weave
knitting heart

Hair should be long for this model that little girls will love to use.

Separate the hair from the middle to the nape of the neck.
Start on one side of the hair like a regular braid.
The point to be careful about here is to just take hair from the top. Also, make sure to take it thinly while knitting.
Keep turning slightly. Fasten it with buckle.
Repeat the process on both sides.
** To examine more braid hairstyles for kids : 29 Easy Hair Braid Models for Kids


Shabby Hairstyles Models
1. Thick bohemian
thick bohemian

You can get a cool look by using this braid, which is one of the most popular shabby models of the year.

Comb your hair to one side.
Knit herringbone.
Expand your knit for a shaky look.
2. Mixed mesh
mixed knitting

This model, which will complement your elegance while going to special events, will help you reveal your style.

Take a pinch of hair from the front. Knit double or triple.
If you knit a trio, widen the gaps by opening them.
3. Strip weave
ribbon weave

You can look as ambitious as a princess with this model that appears behind your hair.

Separate your hair from the two sides to the nape.
Knit with a purl. Use it by expanding.

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